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In our family, we love arts, crafts and creative projects of all sorts! A few years ago, I came across the story of a 15 year old girl who was waiting to be adopted from Nebraska Children's Home. In her profile, she described how she loved crafts and jewelry making. This story always really stuck with me. Here is a child, without a forever family, who loves the same types of creative projects that I love. Crafting often requires money (for supplies), mentoring (to learn skills) and mobilization (to get to where you can purchase supplies or take classes) and these can be tough for kids in foster care to come by.


The story of this girl inspired my family and I to start a brand new charitable organization called Crafts For Kids. Our goal is to provide craft kits, specialized for different age groups, to non-profits in our community. The craft kits will be distributed to children in need throughout the Omaha area.

Arts and crafts can provide a positive outlet for at-risk youth, help children to set goals, inspire future career paths and provide an overall sense of well-being and accomplishment.


We would love your help! 

You can purchase one of our

Miniature YoYo Sewing Kits. 

This kit is our One For One program;

meaning, you will receive a kit and we

will donate one kit to our mission in your

name.  We take donations of art and craft

supplies of all sorts. We also take financial

donations and 100% of all donations go

directly topurchasing supplies for craft kits.


Send me a message if you would like to

help in any way. Or please feel free to

contact me if you are an organization

whose clients would benefit from our craft kits.




Order your Miniature YoYo Sewing Kit

for $10 (includes shipping).  Perfect to throw

in your purse for those times you wish you had

something to keep your hands busy!  Makes a

great gift!  For each kit you order, we will

donate one in your name.  Kit includes at least

50 cotton circles, spool of thread, needle, scissors

and instructions.  Packaged in a tin for storage.

Use the YoYos you make to create a fun project: jewelry, pillow cover, wall hanging or decorate clothing! 


Click here to purchase your Mini YoYo Kit





Your $5 donation through Paypal will supply 2-3 craft kits to a child in need.

100% of  donations are used to purchase arts & craft supplies for our donated kits!

Thank you for your donation!

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