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PaperWhite Flowers


About the time of the first snow, I am really starting to miss my garden! Forcing bulbs inside is a great way for me to enjoy some winter gardening and the kids love it! The bulbs seem to grow amost by the hour and you can really watch the roots systems grow. Fun, beautiful and educational...the triple threat of family activities!


All you need is a glass container of some sort, some rocks and your bulbs. I got mine at a garden nursery. Rinse rocks so they are clean...fill container with rocks...set bulb on top of rocks...fill water to just below roots of bulb (do not let bulb sit in water or they can rot). Just check the water every few days and the roots will eventually be in the water.

Ok, I went a little nuts taking pictures of the flowers...they are just so pretty and perk up my winter enjoy the eye candy!


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