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Lampwork Eye Candy


When I first started college in 1998, I found a book about lampworking at the library and that book truly changed my life! Lampworking became my first true passion in the creative jewelry field and my first real experience as a professional artist and creative entrepreneur. Lampwork is similar to glassblowing, but on a smaller scale. A torch is used and the glass is manipulated in the flame. From about 1998-2007 I was heavily involved in lampworking: selling my own creations and teaching classes. I got a little burned out (sorry, bad pun) and moved onto some new adventures. I have recently started getting out my old beads (my daughter loves to play with the thousands of handmade beads that I have left over!) and I plan to get out my torch and start making glass creations again (when our kitchen remodel is finished!) In the meantime, I am selling some of my older lampwork creations. These beads are currently available on Etsy...My favorite way to wear then is simply, on a chain as a one -of-a-kind necklace. Please enjoy this delicious eye candy!


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