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BeSpoke Bicycle Chic


We ride our bikes a lot as a family. My husband and I have child seats for the kids that attach right in front of our seats, so the kids get to ride with the wind in their faces too! And, I can't lie, I do love all the 'oooohhhhhhhh! That's so cute!' comments we recevie as we whiz by others on the path. There is a great bike parth around a lake right by our house and we bike it several times a week. A bell is a great thing to have on this path as it can sometimes be busy with people out enjoying the lake views and getting some exercise. My kids are usually in charge of the bell and they absolutely love to let others know we are coming with a resounding 'Ding! Ding!'

I was tired of boring bicycle bells and decided to add some of my vintage goodies to classic bells, making the perfect accessory for a chic bike! Vintage brooches and an ecclectic collection of glass cabochons are just a few of the jewels that decorate these bells. Check out my Etsy Shop to see my current selection of BeSpoke Bicycle Accessories for sale...




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