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StoryBook Bracelet


I love jewelry that tells a story and my new StoryBook Bracelet does just that. Almost more a piece of art than a "wear everyday" sort of piece. The story starts with the fact that I just cannot resist anything tiny! Over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of miniatures, trinkets and tiny memorabilia. I always figure that I will find a way to use these tiny treasures in my artwork, and now I have! This bracelet really draws in the viewer. Part Alice in Wonderland - Part Peter Pan - Part Betsy Johnson - all uniquely gorgeous!!! I would love to make your tiny trinkets into a piece of wearable art, or make a bracelet based on your passions- just email me!

assemblage bracelet, upcycle, Christina Barton

assemblage bracelet, upcycle, bird, tea cup

bird, tea cup, alice in wonderland, tea party, peter pan

assemblage bracelet

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