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Analogue Love

I love old-fashioned analogue photography! You know...the kind of photography where light interacts with a medium and captures this magic on film rather than an lcd screen. My favorite is experimental photography and the surprising and exciting effects that can be captured. Lately, I have had fun experimenting with DIY and homemade pinhole cameras. Pinhole cameras have no lens; instead, they take photos through a tiny hole - projecting the light onto the film, creating a dreamy photo.

Pictured above is my homemade, up-cycled pinhole camera. Features include a homemade tinfoil pinhole, up-cycled Kodak Pony 35 mm camera, magnetic shutter and finished with a vintage brooch. This camera has produced some amazing photos that you can view in my gallery.

A few photos taken with my Pinhole Pony...

I also constructed a DIY pinhole camera: the P-Sharan 35 mm. This particular camera is made of cardboard and was super fun to put together. This camera has been surprisingly sturdy as I have been hauling it around in my bag for several months now and it still takes great photos. A few photos taken with my P-Sharan...

Playing with my Baby Diana 110 Lomography camera has been so fun! Lomography is a style of pop photography that uses quirky film cameras and focuses on "shooting from the hip". This camera is super tiny, measuring about 2 x 3 inches and looks gorgeous enough to be worn as a statement necklace! It uses 110 film and creates great effects! I have had a lot of fun experimenting with this unique camera. Here are a few of my images...

Look for more analogue photography to come and hopefully a line of up-cycled pinhole cameras (oh... if only I had more time for all of my to dos!). Follow me on Instagram @AdoreYouVintage to see all of my photography. In 2016 I am also planning to open a curated store featuring all of the analogue products that I adore! Cheers!

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